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  Market Footprint - European Sales Outsourcing and Business Development

What we do

Sales Incubation (Pre-Sale Market Entry)
  • Market landscape analysis and busines plan generation
  • Market assessment
  • Prospect identification
  • Sales feasibility assessment
  • Market due diligence for VCs/Private equity firms
Sales Enagagement
  • Retainer based sales representation in the UK, Western Europe and USA. Results oriented approach.
  • Reseller and distribution channel establishment
  • Lead generation
  • Prospecting and cold calling
  • Selling to close
Post Sales Implementation
  • Trials management
  • Post sale relationship and account management
Sales Organisation Support
  • Business development, account management and sales
  • Sales training
  • Consultancy / reviews of your sales team performance
Model 1: Retainer + Commission
The normal model we operate with our clients is on a retainer + commission model. Technology products can have long sales cycles of many months or years. Human nature is such that with commission only, sales people will opt for the low hanging fruit. It is extremely difficult to maintain commitment from your sales team when there is no income and commission may be months or years away. The retainer model provides a modest income for the sales person and provides the incentive and motivation to persevere in the long-haul to win you business.

A common concern from clients is visibility of results when paying a retainer. We provide regular updates on our progress to give visibility of what results you are getting from your retainer. This will involve weekly progress reports, involvement in your sales pipeline calls and population of your CRM database if required.

Model 2: Commission only
Occassionally we accept clients on a commission only basis. The things we look for from you are clear product differentiation and that we trust your leadership team. Technology sales are complex and will require support from your organisation as the sale progresses. We are investing our time, effort and money to win you sales and need confidence that you are also prepared to support us where necessary to win the sale. We also need confidence that what you are selling does what you say it will do. If you havent got reference customers or a track record of delivery, we simply won't accept commission only - it's too risky. We're happy to work with you on a retainer + commission basis. With the commission only model, we are investing our time and money to achieve success for you so so we typically expect our commission payments to be in the region of 40-60% of the sale value.
Model 3: Consulting Fee
Occassionally we accept engagements on a short-term or retained consulting basis. We support your sales team on account entry strategies, positioning and comptetive analysis.

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