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  Market Footprint - European Sales Outsourcing and Business Development

European Sales & Business Development Outsourcing

Are you a high tech company?

Want to sell into Europe?

Afraid of the challenges in setting up and not sure of the market?

We let you dip your toe in the market without the high level of commitment that setting up your own operation in Europe creates. We provide an affordable sales and business development presence in the UK and Europe for high tech companies. We act as virtual employees - selling your product into the telecom and financial services sectors. We only provide business-to-business sales.

For example if you are an American company and you've secured funding to expand internationally, you may well be put off by the costs of putting someone on the ground, cautious of employment law and are uncertain of the market. We provide affordable market presence, without the risk.

Benefits of using Market Footprint

  • We know the UK and European markets and have well established relationships with many of the big names in telecoms and financial services.
  • We are highly experienced at executing complex sales typically associated with high tech products.
  • We can rapidly build a sales pipeline for your products - either direct or through channels
  • We provide a results oriented service - we work together to agree the deliverables up front so you know what you are getting
  • We provide a professional face to your company.
  • We can provide project execution post sale
  • We have a flexible approach that adapts to your needs and situation. Once you are out of the sales incubation stage, we can help you pull together the local sales team and presence.
  • We provide a service - no need to worry about employment law.

What we do & Our Focus

  • Sales outsourcing
  • High tech sales
  • Complex/high value sales
  • Relationship based selling
  • Sales incubation
  • Business-to-business
  • Telecoms and finance sectors

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