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Technology Sales Leads

To build our sales pipeline, we have a research team to ensure we are on-target when selling your products. We avoid buying standard prospect lists since these are usually generic and not suited to selling highly specialised complex technology.

Rather than using lists we use a wide range of internet based sources to find clues about who might be potential customers for your technology.

We obviously use LinkedIn extensively but also other systems such as Xing which is more popular than LinkedIn, in German speaking countries. Job boards can often be a source of information if your products and services have unique keywords. And of course your prospective customers may be leaving clues via social media.

We have developed software programmes to collect all this information to find organisations which could be in the market for your product and then we thoroughly research the people in the organisation. As a result our sales leads are highly targetted, specific and relevant.

When we cold call, it is obvious that we are not just following a script - our message to that person is highly targetted, specific and relevant and as a result our lead to prospect conversion rate is far higher. As a result of this pre cold-call research, we already understand the wider organisation and relationships so can rapidly build a picture of who the decision makers are in the sales process.

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