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Are your sales sick or dying?

In the current climate getting sales can be challenging - you need to work harder to get those sales.

Working harder means more customer visits/calls - sales is a numbers game after all..... If we are working 50% harder, why aren't we getting 50% more sales? Working harder isn't always the answer. If your approach is wrong working harder may not be enough. Time to work smarter.

We specialise in providing expert marketing advice for technology companies in the south east of England.

Why technology companies?

We know technology - a key part of our business is providing outsourced sales for overseas high tech companies. We know the challenges of selling technology - particularly in a B2B context. So why do we offer marketing advice?

In our experience of selling technology, we find most technology companies are great at technology but not so good at marketing their wonderful technology. Marketing is about getting the basics right - if you speak a different langauge to your customers - selling will always be tough.

Our Approach

Marketing is there to support sales. It serves no other purpose. Marketing can be confusing as there are so many dimensions. PR, competitive analysis, SEO, SWOT, soical media.....Our approach is to cut through the waffle and get to the heart of the matter. Get the basics right - dont try to do everything. We will help you get the most important things right and ensure you consistently get them right.

We will develop a "get-well" plan tailored to your situation. The plan will have clear milestones and actions - we believe in action so it will focus on a 28 day, 90, 180 and 365 day plan.

In fast we believe in practicing what we preach - we can execute the "get well" plan for you and bring your new plan to life.

Where will you get those new sales from?

We only know of 3 possible ways:

The healthcheck will focus on your situation:

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